How Much Does Shipping Cost? 


Shipping for prints is entirely FREE. I'm incredibly fortunate to have such supporting fans that I'd like to offer free shipping to everyone in the United States that orders a print.  

Original Paintings

Since most of my paintings are on canvases, they require much more secure shipping and handling. Please contact me directly via email at to discuss the shipping of any original paintings.  


How Do You Ship The Artwork? 

I personally handle all of the shipping and handling of the artwork up until I hand it off to the USPS to safely ship. Prints are stored in a cardboard tube, along with packing paper and some extra goodies...on me! This is to ensure that they do not get damaged or bent (see image below).

mailing tube.png

How Long Does It Take To Ship My Artwork? 

Since I manage all of the artwork sales and shipments, prints are shipped within 2-4 days after an order is sent. Original paintings can take up to 5 days depending on size. IF you'd like a rushed order, please contact me via email at